2 tbsp vinegar (optional)
Butter (optional)
Hot Dog Buns
Fried Onions
Fresh Onions. (diced)
Pickled cucumber salad

You can boil the wieners first to give them more of a snap and to reduce the smoked taste, if preferred. Bring a pot of water to a boil and add 2 tbsp vinegar. Add the wieners and turn off the heat. Let the wieners sit for 10 minutes (or longer).

Melt a small amount of butter on a pan if desired (can be heated dry on the pan as well). Add the wieners and heat up at VERY LOW HEAT! Leave them on the pan, turning often, until they reach a nice, golden color and before the break. DON´T FORGET LOW TEMPERATURE!

Assemble the hot dogs with buns and condiments.


Viking Delight